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This page was created to assist those in the Toledo Area that are gluten-free to find restaurants that accommodate gluten allergies and readily find gluten-free products at local stores. We want to share information and experiences to make having a gluten-free diet less of a burden.

Please excuse our gluten-free dust. This website has been re-created after being offline for several years. We are working at updating pages and fixing links but wanted to get the site re-published since it could take it forever to get to perfect. 

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Learn about what Gluten is, how to get test for Celiac disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, what gluten is in and how to avoid it 

Recent Blog Articles

Perfect Quick Meal without the Worry

Perfect Quick Meal without the Worry

When I first saw Bibibop move into the area I had never really heard of it, and being that it is Asian inspired I assumed I would not be able to eat there. Shortly after they announced that they were 100% Gluten Free! These words were music to my ears. As we all know...

How are your buns?

How are your buns?

It is burger season, and one can only eat so many burgers with iceberg lettuce substituting for a bun. Most gluten free buns are lacking something, or fall apart after the first bite. They come in an 8 pack, and as the only GF member of the family, I cannot eat that...

Kay’s Tasty Table

Over the weekend I tried Kay's Table located on Sylvania Ave in Saxton Square. I had seen a few posting on Facebook about them having gluten free desserts which is what really sparked my interest. Kay's Table serves Asian and Asian inspired dishes. While their menu is...

Paczkis for the Polish Sisters!

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday! Which used to mean Paczkis for us, but after going gluten free we were hard pressed to find any. The closest we had found was a bakery an hour into Michigan, but nothing around here. And trying to make time to get there is not always...

BelliWelli, belly not full.

So I had these BelliWelli bars come up a few times marketing to me on social media. And I will admit I am always on the hunt for new snack bars to take along with me. These bars are not just gluten free, but also are supposed to be great for anyone with IBS or very...

Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!

Finished pot pie My husband had mentioned last week that pot pie sounded good, but unless he went out and purchased a frozen one, it was not going to happen. I had a pie mix from Mom’s Place I had wanted to try, so I went WAY outside my comfort zone and made a chicken...

Magic Madelines

A fantastic find at Fresh Thyme was individually packaged Naten’s French Madelines. They are a wonderful treat and since they are individually packaged you don’t feel the need to eat them all in a sitting or two. They are perfect with coffee. The texture of these...