About Gluten-Free Glass City

Gluten-Free Glass City is a website devoted to helping people in the Toledo area learn how to be gluten-free.

Our Mission

We began to help people in their quest to go gluten-free. We hope that by sharing our stories and giving ideas and reviews on restaurants and gluten-free products that we can help families that have been affected by gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. It is overwhelming to deal with in the beginning and we want to make this easier for you. We also want to be a resource for gluten sensitive and celiac people to use when visiting the Toledo area.

Our Story

Who’d have thought spending several days a week feeling sick to your stomach was not normal? I thought the digestive problems I had were normal until I finally was tested for a sensitivity to gluten. Since I stopped eating gluten, I feel like a different person. My digestive issues have gone away (except when I have an accidental encounter with gluten), my energy level has improved and I sleep better.

While all of these changes are wonderful, I have now developed an anxiety regarding where and what I can eat. I discovered that a night out for me meant research and preparation. If I am going to a friend’s barbecue, I have to pack my own food. If I am meeting friends at a restaurant, I have to look up an online menu, scour the internet on how gluten friendly the place is, or make a phone call to the restaurant manager to see if they can accommodate me. Travel is difficult because we like to visit National Parks and the options in the surrounding small towns is not always ideal. While I have found several resources online that are helpful, there was no single website where I could find what my hometown had to offer in the way of gluten-free friendly options. So, instead of wishing it existed, I decided to provide it for other people.

Several of the businesses listed on this site are what I will refer to as featured establishments. These featured establishments are those that go above and beyond. The owners and/or staff of these establishments have gone the extra mile to assist me in having fulfilling, delicious gluten-free food. I support and promote them because I believe in services and products they provide and I believe others will have a similar experience with them. So please, support these fantastic businesses.

I also would like to encourage you to provide your insight into living gluten-free in the Toledo Area. There is no way that I can eat everywhere in the area, so am counting on the readers of this blog to use their taste buds and digestive systems for the greater good.

Finally, a note about my philosophy . . . I believe that any time you are not cooking the food yourself, you are taking a risk. So, I cannot guarantee that any meal you have at a business described on this website will not cause you problems. What I write is based on my personal experiences. To me, eating out after I have done the leg work on a restaurant is worth the risk. After all, eating is a big part of socializing in our culture, and I love seeing my friends and family. I accept that because the world does not revolve around me that not all of them are going to think about where I can and cannot eat before making reservations. However, I do appreciate the ones that do take my diet restrictions into consideration, and hopefully this will help other friends of the gluten intolerant know where to make reservations.

Legal Disclaimer

The content of this website is not to viewed as a substitute for medical advice. This is for informational purposes only. You may have reactions at restaurants listed on this website or product that are recommended. The safest option is to prepared your food at home with ingredients that you have screened for gluten. Please consult your health care provider before starting any nutrition program.

About The Authors


Site Founder

Kendra started this website before gluten-free options were readily available with the hopes of being a resource for those also struggling to find safe food that tasted good.

She is not a paid blogger but wants to make finding gluten-free food easier in the Toledo area.  She has a doctoral degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is the President of a small consulting company that works with municipal governments.  As the mother of two grade-school aged children, she spends hours going on adventure and volunteering at their school.  Kendra is married to the man who tried to tell her she was allergic to gluten for years before she finally got tested, because she does not like to admit he is ever right. 

In what free time she has, Kendra enjoys hiking both at Toledo’s wonderful Metroparks and in our National Parks.  Her goal is to hike in every National Park.  Her favorite Metropark is Oak Openings and her favorite National Park is the Redwoods.  She is never without an ample supply of gluten free snacks on any hike. . . or anywhere for that matter.

Kendra was born and raised in Toledo and came back to the Toledo area after finishing graduate school.  She is proud to call this area home and enjoys being a resource in the community.


Site Author

Chelsea got roped into all of this by her sister, Kendra, as she works for Kendra’s husband. She lives in Sylvania with her husband, Zach, who does most of the cooking and their two cats and beagle. Chelsea is known by most of her friends as always taking gluten free snacks with her anywhere she goes. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and loves being able to take her dog on walks and adventures.

Chelsea’s gluten free journey began about a year after Kendra’s because she did not want to have to adjust her diet while in college. She did have some experience with her roommate being gluten free and was able to help point Kendra in the direction of better products initially.

Chelsea and Kendra both enjoy taking time to do a baking day and try multiple recipes at a time. They are both great at sharing newly discovered treats and restaurants with each other.

Toledo Chiropractor - Dr. Bryan D. Royer

Dr. Bryan D. Royer

Site Sponsor

Dr. Bryan D. Royer has been practicing chiropractic medicine in the Toledo area since 2005 and is the owner and President of Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc. Unlike other chiropractic physicians in the area, Dr. Royer has achieved a multitude of certifications related to functional neurology and sports medicine. He has taken extensive post-graduate classes in neurology, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, chiropractic techniques, rehabilitation and impairment ratings for disability evaluation.

Dr. Royer has won “Best in Toledo” several times by readers of the Toledo City Paper for “Best Toledo Chiropractor” and Best Alternative Healthcare Provider. He also won Best Chiropractor in the Toledo Blade Reader’s Choice in 2021. 

Dr. Royer focuses on educating his patients and the community on how to promote a healthy lifestyle. He is an instructor in Anatomy and Physiology and General Biology at Owens Community College and he worked for the American Red Cross as a Health and Safety Instructor for several years teaching courses. Educating his patients on the cause of their condition and how to promote a healthy lifestyle is a priority for Dr. Royer.

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