No Tricks, All Treats, Gluten Free Candy for Halloween.

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Gluten Free Life, Products

With Halloween around the corner I have found a few links to share with everyone to help navigate gluten free trick-or-treat.

a selection of Hershey’s Gluten Free bars

Hershey’s is obviously one of the biggest names in candy. Well they have a whole page on their website for Gluten Free. It talks about what it means for them and has a list of all of their Gluten Free products.

Mars Wrigley does have several candies that we all know and love that are Gluten Free, unfortunately there site is harder to navigate and you have to go to each sub brand to know the ingredients.

The biggest winner I found was has an updated list for this year of all of the Gluten Free candy and chocolate. I do wish that they linked to each item, but we all know

how much of a pain that can be. In the article there is a list for Gluten Free safe foods and unsafe foods. This is great for those new to Gluten Free life, or those trying to get family or friends to understand what we can eat a little better.

peanut, nut, soy and gluten free!

My personal favorite and most overall allergy friendly treat is a good old Tootsie Roll. They are safe for us Gluten Free people as well as as those with soy, peanut and nut allergies. And as I added the link to this blog post I learned the Tootsie company has several other candies they make including Andes Mints (which as also Gluten Free.)

Obviously many of these might not be safe for those that are highly sensitive for cross-contamination, but it is a good start. So whether you are buying candy for yourself, for trick-or-treaters, or friends, check out some of the links so you know what candies and Gluten Free friendly.

Happy snacking! – C

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