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Harmony Chiropractic Center


Harmony Chiropractic Center is the sponsor of this website. They go well outside the standard treatment of back pain. Dr. Royer orders lab test when needed and also tests for delayed onset food allergies. He is able to do extensive testing to help determine if you should go on a gluten free diet.

(Yes, this is a shameless plug for my husband who is the one that tested and diagnosed me with a sensitivity to gluten.)



Gluten Free Registry
This website will give you restaurants in every area of the country that have registered as being gluten free friendly


Urban Spoon
This will give you people’s reviews of restaurants across the country.


Celiac Disease Foundation
This is a great resource for anyone needing information about being gluten free, symptoms of a gluten allergy and support.


Gluten Free Drug List
Check to see if your medication is gluten free.


Gluten Free Snack Food List
This is a great sheet for parents of grade school children and can be sent to teachers.


Comprehensive List of Gluten and Gluten-Free Ingredients
This is the best resource for learning what to look for on labels.