Back-Up Baking

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Last weekend my sister and I did some experimental baking. When trying new gluten-free recipes I follow a simple rule: Bake a back-up.  I recommend trying multiple recipes on the same day.  This way if one comes out horrible, at least there is second thing that may not disappoint.  There is nothing worse than spending hours carefully creating the perfect flour mixture, mixing ingredients and waiting for something to bake, only to have it come out tasting horrible.

For last weekend’s experimental baking, I pulled out my favorite gluten-free cookbook: Allergy-Free Desserts by Elizabeth Gordon.  The recipes have not disappointed so far, and I after this round, I am even more in love with the cookbook.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

We made chocolate crinkle cookies, which I have made before.  They turned out well, but they were not the biggest success of the experimental baking, the award for one of the Best Gluten-Free Baked Goods I have ever made goes to the Blueberry Chocolate Scone.

Blueberry Chocolate Scones

We made a few modifications to the scone recipe in the book and made two different types of scones: blueberry chocolate and orange cranberry.  The orange-cranberry scones were good, but the blueberry chocolate scones were fantastic, and will become a regular baked item in my house.  My husband usually is not a fan of scones, but if I would have let him, he would have eaten all of these scones by himself.  They were far from dry and a perfect amount of sweet.

This round of experimental baking was a huge success.  I was able to enjoy two good items, and one mouth-watering giant success.

If you have not picked up a copy of Allergy-Free Desserts go do it now!

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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  1. Adding the chocolate chips was your brilliant sister’s idea. I will gladly eat them anytime 🙂