Not So Fabulous Flakes

by | Jan 21, 2012 | Products | 2 comments

While in Kroger last week I found gluten-free frosted corn flakes from Glutino.  I was excited about the prospect.  I like other products by them, and frosted corn flakes screamed childhood.

The next day I poured myself a bowl and was disappointed to find that they tasted stale.  However, I am a bit odd in that I do not like milk on my cereal.  I eat it dry, always have and I do not see it changing.  So, I had to get a second opinion to determine if they tasted great if eaten with milk.  So, my sister (my partner in gluten-free crime) gave it a try, and came to the same conclusion with milk included.

It was not that they tasted bad, they just were not great.  And, great is what I expect from Glutino products.  So for now I am sticking with Chex as my gluten-free breakfast cereal of choice.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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  1. I’m also going lactose-free, and I have discovered a cereal I can’t live without – gluten-free Apple & Cinnamon Chex – by itself, or with Almond Silk, totally delicious.

  2. I love chex!