Naturally Good Brownies

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Several weeks ago I was introduced to a company I had never heard of: Wildtree.  Wildtree is a company that makes natural, nutritious foods that are easy to make.  It operate similarly to Tastefully Simple, where you host a party in your home and order from a catalog (if you have not heard of Tastefully Simple, think Tuperware).  The difference is that they user no preservatives, additives, MSG or dyes.

The company has recently come out with several gluten-free products, and most of their products have no gluten ingredients (This means there is not gluten in the food, but it might be made on the same equipment as products that contain gluten).

A local representative of the company provided me with a sample of the Gluten Free Brownie Mix to try.  I was excited about the idea of a new gluten-free, natural product, but have not had the opportunity to bake them until today . . .

And I was sorry I had waited this long.  They are very tasty especially if you like cakey brownies.  The brownies are light and airy, and in my mind less guilt inducing . . . because they are natural.  Ingredients include fruit sugar and rice and tapioca starch.

I am anxious to try some of their other gluten-free options and am excited about the prospect of hosting a tasting party where I can actually eat the food.

If you are interested in Wildtree products, contact:

David Moenter


Wishing you great food and happy tummies,

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  1. I have had Wildtree products and I love the idea of how healthy their products are. I have even had the GF brownies and there are so good I would have never guessed that they are Gluten-Free

  2. Thanks so much for introducing the Wildtree brownies! They look absolutely yummy in your picture! I’m ready to bite into one NOW!:)
    Thanks again! Can’t wait!

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