Great Gluten-Free Christmas Tips

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Simple Modifications for Making Gluten-Free Holiday Favorites

The Cheese Ball- A small way to make gluten-free guests feel welcome is by providing something as simple as a gluten-free cracker along with the Ritz for your cheese ball.  Remember if you are using shredded cheese, make sure it is gluten-free (Kroger brand is great).

The Ham- Honey Baked hams are gluten-free.

Salad- Keep croutons and cheese on the side.  Pick up a gluten-free dressing.  I like Bolt House Salad Dressing (Available at Monnettes’ Market).

Making something with Mayonnaise- Use Hellmann’s.


Great places to pick up gluten-free goodies in the Toledo area:

Organic Bliss – pick up a cookie, chocolate covered spoons, or candied nuts.  This is the best place in town to buy gluten-free fresh baked goods.

Health Foods by Claudia – great for supplies if you are having gluten-free guests over the course of a few days.  You can pick up pasta, frozen waffles and great soups.

Kroger – A great place to pick up good gluten-free crackers.  I recommend Nut Thins.  They can be found in the specialty food section. 

Anderson’s- Pick up your gluten-free guests a six-pack of beer.  They will appreciate it.


Looking to ship a gift basket?  Check out this site:


Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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  1. I have eaten at PF Chang’s seerval times. I’m thankful that they have a GF menu. However, last year I ate there and became very, very ill….an “episode” that lasted for about 4 days. I haven’t eaten there since. I’m afraid too.I shared a GF appetizer of lettuce wraps with a friend, and my entree was the Moo Goo Gai Pan. From what I suspect, the lettuce wraps tasted especially salty. My theory is that the waiter was so busy (it was a busy time at the restaurant) and so many people order the wraps…that he grabbed a NON-GF plate by mistake and served it to us.Looking back at it now, I believe that is what happened. After I got ill, I thought about the whole meal….and thought about how salty those wraps were. I wish there was a way that they could mark the plates as GF, so when the waiter grabs them off of the countertop they would know.

  2. PF Chang’s has plates specifically to mark which are gluten-free. Their signature dishes (the ones that say PF Chang’s) are for gluten-free dishes. So, if you dod not get a dish with the logo, your waiter made an error.