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I have been on a quest to find the new Glutino crackers since I heard they came out.  This quest led me to the Meijer on Central Avenue, ok, truth be told it let my husband there.  I asked him to make a stop on his way home from work to see if they had the new Glutino crackers.  I also had him check to see if they had the Glutino Bagel Chips.

He accomplished his mission in spades, and is still puffing out his chest like a proud peacock.  I am more than willing to humor his ego.  A small price to pay for having a cupboard full of tasty snacks.

The first thing I tried was the Bagel Chips.  He picked up two kinds, Original and Cinnamon and Sugar.  The original tasted like any other non-gluten-free bagel chip.  I am not sure that anyone I served them too would know the difference.  I see a batch of bruschetta in my future.  I now have a tasty way to use up some of the large quantities of tomatoes my garden is producing.

The Cinnamon and Sugar kind were tasty.  They would be a perfect substitute for the cinnamon and sugar pita chips that people serve with fruit.  When is my next family gathering?  I have ideas!!!

In my quest, I did find Glutino Table Crackers at Kroger.   A table cracker is what you would find in a basket of crackers sitting on a checkered table cloth at an Italian restaurant.  They were not exciting, but I do not think table crackers in general are packed with taste.  If I had some flavored butter though, I could see myself going through a package in an evening.

Next I tried the Sea Salt Snack Crackers.  They were ok, but not great.  The Rosemary & Olive Oil Snack Crackers more than made up for the slight disappointment I had with the sea salt.  They are delicious.  No dip or spread needed, they are a fantastic snack all on their own.  The crackers were packed with taste. I was glad that I saved this as my last Glutino box to open.  It was a taste I was happy to be left with.

I can guarantee that the Rosemary & Olive Oil Snack Crackers will now be a regular in my cupboard, and I have big plans for the Bagel Chips.

On another note, my husband says that Meijer is in the process of getting rid of some brands and is bringing in some new gluten-free brands in the next month.  If these are the types of products they are starting to stock, I am looking forward to more shopping trips to Meijer, or at least sending my husband on more shopping trips to Meijer.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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  1. I just tried the Rosemary and Olive Oil, they are flavor packed and delicious! As I was checking out I got a print out from the coupon printer saying that they will have over 75 new items in the Gluten Free Section this month!

  2. My husband LOVES the table crackers! Last night, I made Meatloaf for the first time in 2 years, thanks to Glutino!! A few nights ago we had Vegetable Soup, and he was EVER so thankful to be able to enjoy soup with crackers again! He hasn’t met a Glutino product he doesn’t like! LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!!