Gluten-Free Beer Garden

by | Feb 10, 2013 | Products, Stores | 3 comments

Looking for a wide variety of gluten-free beers? The Andersons’ in Maumee is the place to go.  They have a large shelf with many varieties of gluten-free beverages.  The Andersons’ on Talmadge has a small selection, but the one in Maumee has a much wider selection.

Here are a few of the brands I have recently tried. . .

Shakparo – This is a very hoppy beer.  It is much like an IPA.  I do not really like IPAs, so this is not my favorite.  A friend that is a fan of IPAs gave it a thumbs up.

Dogfish Head Tweason’ Ale – The strawberry and honey flavor indicated on the label make it sound like it is going to be overly fruity.  It is not.  There is a hint of the strawberry and honey, but not over powering.  My husband would not lose his man card by drinking this one.  I really like the flavor.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider Apple Ginger – Ok, this is not a beer, it is a cider.  There is a big difference between beer and cider.  The advantage of cider is that you can often find it in a bar, where you cannot find a gluten-free beer.  I prefer the standard Angry Orchard to the standard Wood Chuck.  This Angry Orchard has a bit more spice to it, closer to the 802 or Crisp of Wood Chuck.  I like the spice in this one.  While most days I prefer beer to cider, this is a nice crisp and refreshing drink.

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  1. The Tweason’ Ale has a nice light flavor to it without being fruity. It has become one of my favorite gluten free beers.
    I love going to The Anderson’s in Maumee they have an amazing selection of gluten free beers, I never feel limited. The hardest part is making up my mind.

  2. The Tweason’ Ale was ok when I tasted it.

    I don’t always drink gluten-free beer, but when I do, I prefer Redbridge.

  3. Thank you for clearing this up! I am recently gluten-free and am still experimenting with what I can and cannot eat… One of my biggest worries was where am I going to find beer?!? I’m thankful that Toledo has some options for us! Also, thank you so much for recommending Organic Bliss Cafe…. I tried it for the first time today and it is fabulous. The service was more I could have ever asked for!