Everything is Peachy

by | Sep 4, 2011 | Gluten Free Meals, Socializing Gluten Free | 1 comment

Last night we had the pleasure of having dinner at our friends’ home. These friends were totally unaware of gluten-free eating prior to planning this meal, but wanted to take on the challenge.

Challenge conquered! It was one of the most thought out gluten-free meals. Everything from the crackers served as part of an appetizer to the buns for the hamburgers were specially purchased gluten-free. They researched using this website and took trips to Organic Bliss and LaScola because I listed them as some of my favorites. I felt very spoiled (and a bit uncomfortable) with effort that was put in. But, it was wonderful being able to eat everything on the table, no exceptions.  Our hosts seemed impressed by quality of gluten-free items available. 

I brought dessert- Peach Crisp. It was delicious as are all of the recipes I have tried from Allergy-Free Deserts (see resources section for book information).

It was truly a wonderful meal with truly wonderful people.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies.


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