A Wall You Can Eat

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I recently went into Bassett’s Health Foods (the one on Secor).  I shopped there when I first went gluten-free and did not find a lot of options. But I was pleasantly surprised at the additions they have made to their selection of gluten-free items.

The best part of going into Bassett’s as a person on a gluten-free diet, is that they have created a wall dedicated to all gf products.  It is a wall of food I can eat!  There was no hunting around for shelf tags scattered around the store, and now trying to carefully read food labels to see if I might be able to eat the contents of the package without getting sick.  It is one section of clearly labeled food.  There were a few other things around the store (like baking powder, and Amy’s meals that need to be in the freezer) that were gf, but for the most part it was all on one big wall.

It is a collection of just about any type of gf snack food you can image. There are many varieties of Pamela’s cookies, not just one or two types.  If you are looking for gluten-free snacks- Bassett’s is the place.  They also had pastas, and instant meals, dressings and many other products.  But the variety of snack foods is what really stood out. 

The best find: gluten-free ice cream cones- very tasty.  I have not seen gf cones  at other stores, but it may be because they were hidden on an unmarked shelf at another store.  At Bassett’s they were an easy find on the wall of gf. (Look for another blog post about cones soon.)

If you are going through junk food withdraw, and really need a gf fix, I suggest visiting the wall you can eat at Bassett’s.  You are sure to find a cookie you will love.  At the Secor store, this magical wall is at the far left when you walk in.  I am guessing that their Heatherdown’s location has a similar wall, but I have not visited that store.

There are some gf staples that Bassett’s does not carry, for example, Bob’s Red Mill Flours.  Bassett’s carries many more Pamela’s products.  So, it is not a one stop gf shop.  But it is definitely worth a trip.  The ice cream cones alone are worth it!

Here is a link to Bassett’s: http://www.bassettshealthfood.com

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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  1. Hi Kendra, We have carried Bobs Red Mill flours for quite some time. They were kinda hidden on the bottom shelf but we have recently re-organized our GF wall and hope that makes it easier to find products. If you would like us to carry any brands or products not currently on our wall please bring it to my attention and I will do my best to get them in. Thanks for all the wonderful comments about Bassetts. We are always happy to help. Jen G 🙂

  2. The ice cream cones alone were worth the trip, and I need to restock 🙂