Pillsbury Pleasant Surprise

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Products

There has been much buzz over Pillsbury finally coming out with just bake gluten-free products.  I now understand why it took them so long.  They did a great deal of research and test baking to get these tasty products.

I was shocked at how tasty the chocolate chip cookies came out, and how long they stayed fresh.  I am a bit of a cookie snob.  I grew up eating fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies baked from scratch. We were not a Chips A Hoy family.  While Pillsbury’s cookies are not quite my mom’s cookies, they are tasty.   They were also fairly soft several days later.

Gluten free cookie dough

I also tried the just roll and bake pie crust.  I made a pudding pie and a quiche.  The texture and taste were very good.  The crust was very flakey.  My only problem with it was that it shrank a bit more than a normal pie crust.  It left several cracks and separations in the crust.  As far as taste goes,  it is hard to belief it is gluten-free.

So, grab and bake!  For the convenience, you will not be disappointed.  I picked mine up at Meijer.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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