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by | Jan 6, 2012 | Stores

You do not have to travel to Arizona to go to the Phoenix Earth Food Cooperative, just head East on Sylvania.  There you will find an abundance of organic food.  It has been awhile since I have been out there, and I forgot what I was missing.  A friend is working on updating their website and asked me to create a list of some of the gluten-free foods that they sell.

What I took home today:

So, here are some of the great products available:

Bulk items:
Gluten-free pasta
Almond Butter
Peanut Butter
Flax Seed

Baking Essentials:
Pamela’s baking mixes (brownie, cookies, etc)
Bob’s Red Mill flours (corn flour,tapioca flour, baking mix, etc.)
Bob’s Red Mill baking mixes
Agave nectar
Xanthum Gum

Frozen Foods:
Amy’s frozen meals- they have several types that I have not seen elsewhere
Applegate Sausage

Cereals and Snacks:
Barbara’s Puffin Cereal
Koala Crisp Cereal
Nut Thins
Pirate’s Booty
Food Should Taste This Good Chips (variety of types)
Pamela’s boxed cookies

San J Soy Sauce
Annie’s Dressings
Blue Sky Soda
Virgil’s Cream Soda and Root Beer

So, take the quick trip to Phoenix or visit their website:

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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