Not So Miraculous Noodles

by | Jun 10, 2012 | Products

Several people have mentioned the wonders of Miracle Noodles to me, but it was not until recently that I came across them in a store in the Toledo area.  I found them on a recent trip to Bassett’s.  The noodles proclaim to be gluten-free, calorie-free and guilt-free.  I also found them to be taste-free.

I will be honest, once I saw the package I did not have an open mind – the noodles were packaged in water. What noodles need to be packaged in water?  Opening the package only made me more hesitant to eat these noodles.  As I drained the water from the package (as instructed) I caught the scent of fish.  And, for someone who is not big on fish, this was far from appetizing.  Noodles should NOT smell like fish.

The noodles are very easy to cook and were done in no time.  I padded the noodles dry and “added them to my favorite dish,” as the packaged directed.  The noodles had a consistency that most closely reminded me of what it might be like to eat a jelly fish.  Now, this is only what I imagine since I have not eaten jelly fish, but I have seen finding Nemo several times.  So, I kept saying to myself as I prepared and ate these noodles “just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

The noodles had no taste, which was a relief given the fish smell when draining the water and the jelly fish like consistency.  However, I am not big on eating food with no taste.  I like my food to taste- great taste.

Miracle Noodles claim to have weight loss benefits.  And, that is the category they belong in.  They have about as much appeal to me as the rice cake diet that was big several years ago.  Although, the smell of the liquid the noodles come in may drive down your appetite enough to make you not want to eat anything.

This is a product I can now happily avoid.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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