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The other day I had to run a few errands and managed to turn it into a great gluten-free excursion.  I hit several of my favorite gluten-free stops and made a discovery or two.

My first stop was to get my meals at Super Suppers.  The March gluten-free menu sounded pretty good, and the dinner I made last night from this run was very tasty- Chicken Caprese with Creamy Marinara.

Next on my list of stops was a trip to JB’s Sarnies Shoppe for lunch.  I had a country ham sandwich on gluten-free bread.  The coleslaw in the sandwich was a nice treat since rarely do I eat coleslaw for fear of the non-gluten free mayonnaise.

Since I was in the Perrysburg area anyway, I stopped by Walt Churchill’s Market.  I have been to the Maumee location, but not the Perrysburg store.  The Perrysburg store is much bigger and contained many wonderful gluten-free products.  What I was most struck by was the very easy to pick out gluten-free shelf labels.  They were hard to miss and made finding gluten-free products easy.  What I did notice was that some of my favorite gluten-free products were labeled ORGANIC and not gluten-free.  So when you are wandering through the aisles, make sure to check out both types of shelf tags.

My last stop was Kroger.  While there shelf tags are not nearly as large as those at Churchill’s I still appreciate their efforts to make it easier to find gluten-free products.  Although I have found that their labeling is a little less than consistent.

While running errands is not one of my favorite activities, I have to be grateful that there are so many wonderful places to get gluten-free products in the area.  The availability of gluten-free products has skyrocketed just in the last two years.

So, as I celebrate the two year mark of going gluten-free, I want to say thank you to all of restaurants and grocery stores that have made continuing this diet easier and tastier.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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