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by | May 29, 2013 | Restaurants | 3 comments

My husband and I recently ventured out for a date night (well, with our very portable 4-month-old). We headed to Registry Bistro, located between Fifth/Third Field and The Huntington Center.  There menu is seasonal, so we tried out selections from their spring menu.  The menu is full of codes for vegetarian, dairy-free, nut-free, and my favorite code for gluten-free.  It pretty much has something for everyone.

It is a modern atmosphere, and you are surrounded by modern art.  But there is no need to dress fancy.  Wear whatever suits the occasion.

They had a gluten-removed beer.  I would not recommend this for those with Celiac, but I did give it a try, and had no negative reaction.  The beer is called Prairie Path.  It was pretty tasty.

For dinner I had the braised pork belly, and my husband had the forty clove chicken.  Both were very tasty and gluten-free.

For dessert their gluten-free option was a risotto cake and sorbet.  It was excellent! 

registry bistro gluten free dessert

We went when the Mud Hens were away and there were no major events at the Huntington Center.  So, it was fairly quiet.  I imagine that the same cannot be said when there are more events downtown.  It is worth the trip downtown, or get a reservation to eat before the game.  It is very tasty.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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  1. That was definitely some good food. And the wait staff was really nice. I think every server said “goodbye” or “have a good night” on our way out.

  2. I will be visiting the University of Toledo with my daughter on 8/13. What are the closest restaurants that have very safe gluten fee options? I have Celiac’s and am highly sensitive. Thank you.

  3. Gradkowski’s is right on campus. There is also an Outback not too far away.