Olive Pits, not Garden

by | Nov 6, 2012 | Restaurants

I have had gift cards for Olive Garden sitting in a drawer for a while, and recently decided to use them to grab take-out during a very busy week.  I called and placed the order based on the list of gluten-free options listed online.  I ordered the mixed grill.  The girl taking my order was confused, and did not think that this was a gluten-free option.  She checked with someone else, and found out that it was gluten-free, and asked how I wanted to steak cooked.

When we got the order home, I was surprised to find all chicken and no steak.  This was a head scratcher since she asked how I wanted my steak cooked.  The food was ok.  I was not thrilled with the service or knowledge of the menu, but thought I would give it another try.

The second chance came, and I regretted it as soon as I saw the meal.  I decided to try one of the two pasta options.  When I opened the container, I was shocked by the discrepancy between the online picture of what I ordered and the look of what was in the take-out container.  The container contained nothing more than pasta with marinara sauce, and a few shrimp thrown on top.  As I looked closer at the pasta, I discovered that the pasta was hard and not cooked properly! I ate the shrimp and tossed the rest.

I was again disappointed when I went to eat the salad, which was pretty much the only food I was going to eat.  They forgot to include dressing.

In two attempts to eat Olive Garden take out, I was completely disappointed, and would not recommend eating there to anyone eating gluten-free.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies,


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