We’re Back, Baby!

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Site News

It’s exciting to be back. As you can see by previous posts, it’s been 7 years Since the last blog post. We have the site up and working but not all the kinks are worked out yet, so please be patient while we make the site more navigable. There are still updates that need to be done to the gluten free restaurant areas and gluten-free food areas of the site. We published many things as they were in order to get the site back up and running again because waiting for it to be perfect means that it would never end up getting relaunched. I was really surprised at the number of restaurants that need to be removed from the gluten-free restaurant section because they had closed

So here’s a little back story. Back in 2014, we had an email from a bank in Brazil that was really upset because someone had hacked the website and had a fake login page that was attached to our site. At the time we didn’t know how to take care of it properly and made the decision to shut the site down “temporarily”. Web services got changed and the site was put up as a subdomain on another website for time. Our second child arrived later in 2014 and things got busy, so the website was not a major priority at that time.

When the site was initially launched, there were basically no resources for going gluten-free and the number of gluten-free foods were scarce. But in the seven years since our site was down, it seems that there’s been an explosion in the gluten-free foods that are available now and in the awareness and the public of gluten-free foods.

We look forward to posting new blogs and updating the site. Please feel free to make suggestions for gluten-free foods or restaurants to try by contacting us through our Facebook page.

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